Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again.....

Ain't nothing going to keep me down. If you are singing the song from Chumba Wumba (I think that's how you spell it) - I have succeeded. After not blogging for two weeks and falling down the list on Cre8tive Quilter's blog - I am getting up again and blogging. Right to the top of the list again - at least for the next few minutes.

I can honestly say I have had a hard time getting into the groove of sewing again. I want to - I went to PW to buy a moda marble to keep going - but I bought the wrong color and I am stalled right now until I get the right color.

I have joined Regina's snow ball challenge - and I will post the blocks I have made. I have to pull the camera out again and down load the pics. Regina gave me some great shout outs on her blog - I loved having her and Patti stay with me before the retreat. I can't wait until next year!

With the upcoming summer, how do you stay on track with everything that needs to be done? I literally walk through my sewing room everyday and think about what I need to do - I just have to make time to get to it.

I am hoping that at least one day of the upcoming holiday weekend will get me back on track. I can do it..... I can do it..... I can do it.......

I spent some time this morning with my brother, his wife and their two girls. Their youngest, Claire, is my god daughter and is literally the happiest baby I have ever seen. She never cries - even when she gets up in the morning - she just waits for Cathy to get her. Everytime I talk to her - she just breaks out into a cute drooly smile. And her older sister Emmy is the star of our family - she gives the best hugs ever - the kind where her whole body melts into you. They always make the day better when I see them. My 14 year old nephew Alex was there too - it is so hard to believe how much time has past since he was a munchkin too - time goes by so fast - so I guess I better enjoy the ride while I am here.

Have a good night! I am contemplating watching Lost for the first time tonight - it is the series finale!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Top of the List.....

So I have realized that the more often I blog, the more often my blog will appear at the top of the list of blogs Cre8tive Quilter follows. Since I am an uber competitive person I have decided that I need to blog my fingers off so I can always be at the top. This fleeting thought, in reality will be over by tomorrow and I will fall farther down the list - but for tonight - at least for the next few minutes - I will be at the top.

I have started my journey into paper piecing - the 140 blocks for Sylvia's Bridal - and the picture above is the first four. I finished the Chinese coins block tonight. Only 12 more blocks until I am caught up with the rest of the group. I still haven't quite gotten the rhythm down - from the cutting, the pressing, the folding back and the sewing - I just always seem to fumble. I am hoping that by about block 20 I will find some kind of rhythm. Jen makes it look so easy!

Next up on the skills to learn - English paper piecing. So I have officially uploaded 2 pictures from my camera - I think I might be able to officially cross one of my goals off my list! Can't wait to tackle the rest.

For right now, I will settle for being at the top of the list.......

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Goal #10......

is accomplished.

I recently posted a list of goals for the upcoming year and I tried to accomplish goal #10 - "Learn how to down load the pictures from my camera onto my blog - if I can't boil an egg - I don't know how I will be able to accomplish this - I will probably not get around to this until February or March......."

Well, here it is. I finished a quilt top for a design called "Peaches and Dreams" out of scraps that Jen and Linda gave me. Initially, Jen gave me a bag of scraps from all of her projects with the 3 Sisters line "Chocolat" by Moda several months ago. I cut the fabric up before retreat and at reteat, Linda was working with the same frabric from a Moda University quilt. She gave me some scraps as well - and the final project turned out quite nicely. Between scrounging for the scraps and recycling fabric from a curtain valence that my mom made that she did not like and put back into her stash - I spent only about $25 dollars on this quilt - not including the back.

So I am well on my way to completing May's goal of one quilting project and uploading a picture to my blog. Wooo whoo - I am getting to be a little more techno savy every day.
Next blog - pictures of my trip to Mexico. Hasta la vista!