Friday, September 3, 2010

Ok.... Guess what this is a picture of...

Looking for something to eat on my way "out west" two weekends ago, I was looking for a place to eat.
I almost passed this place up - there was no familiar golden arches prevalent, but the front of the place had a light house... huh.....
This McDonald's was in Fon du lac, Wisconsin. Land locked Fon du lac, WI. I was confused - maybe visibility for boaters is an issue in Fondy!!!! I would have probably found the place better if it was lit up - but no such luck. They made a great Mocha Frappe at least.
It was a picturesque Mickey D's though..... Not much else is in Fon du lac.

My Oldest UFO is done!!!!!

Ta da..........
So I finally finished my oldest UFO. This was actually the first kit I ever bought when I worked at Patched Works. It is slightly less than 3 years old. The kit was called Wine Country and was also my snowball project for Regina's snowball challenge. I have a wine themed kitchen, so I am thinking I am going to chose the thinnest batting and maybe use it as a table cloth/runner.
I love the cork fabric as well as the combination of hunter and burgundy.
Here is my question - what is the best way to photograph quilts? I had a hard time getting the whole top in the picture frame - I did my best - but if you have any great ideas, let me know.
Enjoy the Labor Day weekend!!!!