Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ummm.... Osh Vegas????

This past weekend, I went "up north" if you live in the Waukesha/New Berlin/Milwaukee area. However, if you are leaving work from Sheboygan to drive - I simply went "out west". I spent the weekend in Neekoosa, Wisconsin - where the largest grocery store is actually a large convenience store connected to a BP. Where else can you buy orange life preservers, live fishing bate, frozen pizzas and fresh tomatoes in the same place? Only in Wisconsin is my answer. I also found another "only in Wisconsin" on my may home. I came across "Osh Vegas" - an RV park south of Oshkosh. Only in Wisconsin is all I can say.
If you have ever wanted to stay at the Palms Resort - the 800 number is in the picture. I also came across an ice cream place called the "Milty Wilty" in Wautoma, WI. I didn't stop - but as I kept driving, I liked to repeat the name Wautoma over and over - except I added an Arnold Schwartzenegger accent to it - so it sounded like "wau - tumar" - the things we do to keep interest up on the road......

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A little hiatus from social media?

Ok, I know it has been a gazillion days since I posted or have been on any social media site, but I have a few good reasons why.

First, don't even get me started on Facebook. I tried tonight to connect with some friends and low and behold, it took me fifteen minutes to actually find my friend list. I could see the names of the six that were on-line, but none of the others. It has been sooo long since I have been on Facebook that the format has totally changed for me. Add to this that my computer is slower than molasses on Facebook (think dial-up slow) and I am ready to throw in the towel.

Secondly, I started a new job with a seventy-five minute commute. It (the commute) isn't that bad - except for the five thirty wake-up time. I have always been a night owl and now I am falling asleep at eight thirty. The area has a great bike trail which I have to try before the end of summer. Sheboygan is an adjustment for the city girl - but I think I am up for the challenge.

Thirdly, the Tour de France is finally over. I was addicted to it every weekend for three weeks. I laugh that I have trouble biking 15 miles per hour on a flat trail when that is the speed the bikers pedal up the side of a mountain in the Alps. Oh Lance - he faltered this time, but he is still my hero, along with Brett Favre. I know, I know. I can't help it I have a thing for aging athletes that can't make up their mind about retirement.

Fourthly (is that even a word), I cannot get enough of the summer reality tv. First it was the Real Housewives of New York City, then came the Next Food Network Star and now the season is winding down for the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I apparently cannot get enough of rich psycho woman who have no better ways to spend their time than backstab their friends. This and their crazy New Jersey accents, gawd I laave it!!

Lastly, I have been day dreaming about the vacation I need to take. I am not "scheduled" for anything until the quilting weekend in November and my Disney trip in December. Yes, Jen just got a promotion and she is going to Disney World with my niece and sister-in-law Cathy. I can't wait!!!!

Cre8tive Jen and I took a road trip to Green County this past Sunday. It is scary when you start to learn your way around the county without a map. I love the area out there - the scenery is beautiful and the rolling hills are a blast in Kobi - Jen's car. We had a great time and saw quite a few barn quilts.

I am trying to get back into the quilting mode - I am working on my snow ball quilt - my of my earliest UFO's. I stalled at finishing the first border. Hopefully this weekend I will get back to sewing.

Well, that's about it for now..... Hopefully it won't be two months until my next post. -Jen