Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Vacation from Blogging?

So I sort of took a hiatus from blogging - because, well I was actually on vacation in Boston with my sister and her family. This is my third time out to the city - but the family's first - so I was the tour guide for group.

All in all - it was a great trip - we jam packed it with seeing so many sites. I crossed a few more things off my "Boston Bucket List" - like staying at the Omni Parker House Hotel and touring Fenway Park and Harvard - but I still have have a few more things I want to do out there - like visiting the JFK Library and taking a trip out to Cape Cod - but I guess there is always next time.

Several of the souviner shops were selling a "historic" reproduction quilt for something like $90 dollars. I had to laugh and think to my self - really???, that's a quilt? - it was definitely mass produced and I think if I searched hard enough - it is probably available at the Walmarts in the greater Boston area.

If you ever have a chance to get to Boston, here are my recommendations for things to do/see:
1. Definitely go to Mike's Pastry on Andover Street in Little Italy - they have the best cannoli's
2. Take a day trip out to Salem - if you can, take a night time tour. However, beware of their public restrooms -I have to say they are horrible!
3. Go on a Liberty Fleet tour sailing trip - it is a working schooner and they actually hoist the sails and you sail around in the harbor.
4. Count how many Dunkin Donuts you come across - there are more DD's than Starbuck's in the city - they have almost 80 in Downtown Boston alone
5. Eat and shop at Quincy Market - they have the best food court anywhere and the food is awesome!!

I did not come across any fabric shops - but they have bead shops in a couple of places - a nice one in Harvard.

My other advice is - do not take young children to the Salem Witch Museum. A family near us had a three year old with them - he cried through the first part of the presentation and in the second part were they have talking statues - he was around a corner - but he heard the words "I am a witch" from a statue that was explaining Wica and he just started screaming blood curtling screams.

I did rub the beam in the museum that previously hung in the Salem jail - it is supposed to bring women good luck. In hind sight, I probably should have hugged the darn thing and gave it a kiss - like America's very own blarney stone - to bring me luck. I did buy love Karma beads in a shop in Salem that are supposed to attract that "special someone". I have worn them two days so far- and nothing. I have only gotten a kiss from my dad when I got off the airplane. I will keep hoping.

Well more about my trip and some pictures later! Have a fabulous day! -Jen